Welcome to the new home of the documentation for the ChipWhisperer software, following the release of ChipWhisperer 5.1.0.

If you’re new to ChipWhisperer, or haven’t been following the project recently, you may want to check out overview to learn a little about the project and its recent changes.

After installing ChipWhisperer and setting up your hardware run:

>>> import chipwhisperer as cw
>>> scope = cw.scope()
>>> scope
cwlite Device
gain =
    mode = low
    gain = 0
    db   = -6.5
adc =
    state      = False
    basic_mode = low
    timeout    = 2
    offset     = 0

You now have access to an object-oriented interface to configure the attached hardware. To see what is possible with this interface check out the scope section of the API documentation.




Documentation specific to api functions, classes, and modules live here.

Additional Features and Info

ChipWhisperer has some additional features that you may find useful, such as target debugging and control over logging in Python.


Additional information such as the changelog and contributing


Tutorials are available as Jupyter Notebooks on our chipwhisperer-jupyter Github repository.

Completed tutorial files, which were previously available on this page, are now stored on our test results Github page and are available in reStructured text (which renders on Github) and html.

Deprecated Pages

This website has been restructed for CW 5.6.1. The following pages are deprecated and will be removed in the future: